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1.6.6 - 2021-06-06

  • fixed styling of Social Icons widget from Widget Bundle plugin


  • fixed lazy loading bug for slider images


  • added new wp_body_open action hook
  • improved Block Editor styling for WordPress 5.4


  • added Skip-to-Content link for improved accessibility


  • fixed missing slider tag bug in WordPress Block Editor


  • added font display swap to default theme fonts


  • added styling for Gutenberg blocks
  • added custom color palette for Gutenberg
  • added editor styling for WordPress 5.0


  • added default theme fonts as local fonts
  • use local fonts instead of Google fonts for GDPR compliance


  • added Magazine Homepage widgets to blog index


  • added editor shortcuts and instant live preview for site title and tagline in Customizer
  • changed demo links in Customizer and Theme Info


  • fixed mobile menus on RTL language sites
  • moved Theme Links to Theme Options panel dropdown


  • added Right-to-Left language support


  • fixed dropdown menus on mobile navigation menus


  • fixed styling of main navigation menu with default pages


  • added readme.txt file
  • improved styling of navigation menus
  • added styling for mega menu plugin
  • updated tags in style.css
  • fixed responsive image srcset attribute for custom header image


  • added added alt and srcset attributes to custom header image
  • added support for scroll method of Infinite Scroll
  • removed theme prefixes for loading common third-party scripts
  • updated theme tags in style.css


  • added selective refresh support in customizer for sidebars and widgets
  • added version numbers to wp_enqueue_style and wp_enqueue_script functions
  • updated flexlider, html5shiv and Genericons


  • added support for new custom logo feature from WordPress 4.5
  • added slider speed setting to Customizer

You can upload your logo image on Appearance -> Customize -> Site Identity now.


  • added support for Jetpack Infinite Scroll feature


  • removed extract() function from widget files for better readable code
  • changed all links to https and made them translatable


  • added support for ThemeZee Related Posts plugin
  • added category and tag descriptions on archive template
  • added previous/next post navigation on single post view


  • added basic support for wooCommerce plugin
  • added support for ThemeZee Breadcrumbs plugin
  • added custom header image settings
  • added email icon to social menu
  • added theme links in theme options panel


  • added Post Slider page template
  • changed all h2 post and page titles to h1 for better SEO
  • removed empty spaces at the end of template files
  • fixed styling of 404 template


  • added escaping for translation strings for improved security
  • improved structure of post meta functions for better re-usability
  • fixed postmeta styling for widget bundle


  • added postmeta setting to Category Posts Boxed widget
  • added postmeta setting to Category Posts Columns widget
  • added postmeta setting to Category Posts Grid widget
  • fixed CSS stylesheet for widget bundle


  • moved additional functions from functions.php to extras.php and template-tags.php
  • added theme support for Widget Bundle Addon Plugin
  • removed fallback solution for new title tag feature of WordPress
  • removed function_exists wrappers for action hook functions
  • changed implementation of threaded comments javascript


  • moved register_widget functions to widgets_init action hook to fix widget translation
  • improved customizer sections to be translation-ready
  • updated German translation file


  • improved code of 404.php and search.php templates
  • improved phrasing of all translatable text strings
  • updated translation files


  • fixed deprecating PHP4 style constructors notices in WordPress 4.3


  • moved featured content settings to post slider section in Customizer
  • added number of posts setting for the Featured Post Slider
  • added active_callback parameter to display slider controls only when slider is activated
  • added translation files for German


  • added extra setting to enable grayscale filter on images
  • fixed styling of navigation on mobile devices
  • updated translation .pot file
  • added prefix to image sizes to follow review guidelines => you may have to regenerate your featured images:


  • removed thumbnail navigation of post slideshow
  • removed grayscale image hover filter
  • tweaked styling of navigation and widgets
  • changed default color and screenshot.jpg
  • changed archive templates to use new the_archive_title() function


  • added setting to display or hide post date
  • added setting to display or hide post author
  • added setting to display or hide post tags


  • changed navigation.js to use our new developed responsiveMenu function
  • improved styling of navigation menu
  • added dropdown icons and animations for nested submenus on mobile navigation


  • added new classes entry-title, updated and author for google microformats structure
  • added comments section to fullwidth page template (of course you can still deactivate comments if you want)
  • removed unnecessary HTML markup and Genericons in theme-info.php


  • updated Featured Content class to new version with many code improvements
  • added new setting to display featured posts in latest blog post listing


  • changed category dropdown setting in Category Post widgets to show empty categories
  • changed implementation of title tag to add_theme_support method
  • removed old unnecessary wp_title filter function


  • added setting for deactivating google fonts in case they are not compatible with user language
  • changed implementation of embedding google fonts with font url function
  • removed unnecessary CSS markup


  • added check if current user can edit theme options before displaying admin notices on frontend
  • added action hooks for footer text and site title
  • moved credit link function to /inc/template-tags.php
  • fixed linked widget titles in Category Post Widgets with "All Categories" selected


  • added extra content-search.php template for search
  • changed appearance of static pages on search template
  • removed unnecessary code in sidebar.php
  • fixed ampersand escape bug in pagination links (


  • changed design of main navigation
  • changed styling of widgets
  • updated to Genericon Font 3.3 and added new twitch and spotify icons


  • added unminified version of html5shiv.min.js and jquery.flexslider-min.js


  • added magazine homepage page template
  • added 4 Category Posts Widgets for Magazine Homepage
  • added setting to display post slider on magazine homepage template


  • updated theme language .pot file
  • removed featured-image-header tag


  • added styling for sticky posts
  • updated tags in style.css to match theme features
  • fixed missing translations

= 1.0.1 = Magazine version of this theme

= 1.0 = Initial Release