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Switch from Pro theme to Pro Plugin

This is a short step-by-step tutorial how to switch from our older Pro Themes to the new Pro Add-on Plugins.

Please follow these steps in the exact same order:

  1. Download the new Pro Add-on Plugin from
  2. Install and activate(!) the Pro Add-on Plugin in your WordPress installation.
  3. Download ThemeZee Widget Bundle from
  4. Install and activate(!) the ThemeZee Widget Bundle Plugin in your WordPress installation.
  5. Download the theme you are using from
  6. Install and activate the theme.
  7. Go to Appearance -> Pro Version and enter your license key for automatic updates.
  8. Go to Appearance -> Customize-> Navigation and re-select your menu positions.
  9. Go to Appearance -> Widgets and re-configure your widget areas.
  10. Re-configure custom header image and background on Appearance -> Customize.