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Updates for improved navigation menus

With the development of our latest theme Harrison we have completely redesigned our navigation script to improve usability and accessibility of the WordPress menus. We are now upgrading many of our older themes and Pro-Add-ons to bring these resulting learning effects and more robust technology to them. All navigation menus have been completely re-created from scratch, i.e. the HTML, JavaScript and CSS have changed.

The corresponding updates will be available soon in your WordPress backend.

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Adding software licensing for automatic updates

One key feature of our new PRO Version plugins is support for automatic updates. Our WordPress themes are actively developed and we release updates for new features and bugfixes quite often.

Manual updates were always a big hassle for a lot of users and had the result that many websites run on outdated software. We also got many emails with reports for bugs which were already fixed in the latest version of the theme.

This update “problem” will be solved with our new products. The automatic updates will be provided by using a complete software licensing  system on our website, as many other WordPress companies already do. This post will describe all changes.

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