First responsive WordPress theme released

I was quite busy the last months with creating my first responsive WordPress theme. Before then all my themes had a fixed width and were not a bit adaptive to the browser width. In times of tablets, smartphones and netbooks with thousands of possible screen sizes, releasing layouts with fixed width make little sense anymore.

Therefore it was time to shift to responsive webdesign in order to keep step with modern web development. I have tested and experienced a lot with mobile navigations, CSS media queries and all the other technical stuff required for good responsive webdesign.

New responsive code base

It took a bit of time to gain knowledge about these responsive design techniques, but I wanted truly understand them before publishing the first responsive theme. I have also learned a lot in the last year from the daily support of my pro themes and have used this knowledge to increase the usability of my future themes.

The result is a completely rewritten code base of my themes, which make the code more readable, better structured and easier to customize. I have also streamlined the functionality and theme options to make the theme less complex to configure and easier to use. New hooks and filters will increase the power of child themes as well.

zeeTasty WordPress Theme

Beside all the technical background, the new theme zeeTasty has also a beautiful design – and I guess that’s the most important thing for you. zeeTasty is designed for small business websites, fits perfectly for restaurants or cafés and comes with a bunch of cool features.

I don’t want to tell much about zeeTasty here, because you can check out all features and the demo page on Of course zeeTasty is another freemium WordPress theme which means you can download and use the basic version for FREE without any limitations. Have fun!

New Themes

A long time has passed since I have released my last WordPress theme due to the complete shift in technology. Now I plan to release new themes way more regularly and the intervals between new theme releases should be markedly shortened. I’m already working on the next theme 😉