Retirement of older themes

Today I am announcing the retirement of all our older, static-width themes which were mostly created back in 2011. Since then a lot of things have changed in web and WordPress theme development. Websites are visited more and more on mobile devices rather than desktop computers, which has led to Responsive Webdesign and mobile-ready themes.

Reasons for the retirement

Originally I had planned to update all static-width themes with an responsive design.

These updates will not happen anymore.  I’m really sorry for all users who were promised these updates and have waited a long time for it.

As it turned out, it would be a too painful task because the codebase of the themes is outdated and an update would break a lot of existing features. The themes were initially created without any thought about mobile devices and there are too many changes required to create a high quality responsive theme which makes an update hardly possible. I now strongly believe these themes have to be created from scratch to be responsive instead of some bulky update.

Retired Themes

Here’s the list of all retired themes, which do not meet the requirements of modern, mobile-ready themes any longer:

  • zeeCompany
  • zeeReputation
  • zeePersonal
  • zeeCorporate
  • zeeMagazine
  • zeeDisplay
  • zeeSynergie
  • zeeBusiness
  • zeeStyle
  • zeeBizzCard
  • zeeLinear
  • zeeNews

Future Themes

We will release brand new responsive themes with better functionality the next months which will fill the void of the retired themes. The new themes will be easier to use and look amazing on any device. A lot of these new themes will be inspired by the design of the retired themes and therefore look similiar, but way more modern and up to date.

Existing customers

We will still offer the retired themes for download and also provide support for them in our forums, for a limited time period. In case you have bought one of our retired themes in the past 90 days you can also switch your theme to one of our recent ones. Just contact us with your username and which theme you would like to replace.