Meet our new ThemeZee Update News website

We have to admit that the update process of our PRO themes was not very perfect and we want to simplify it. So far you could manually check for available updates on our Changelog page. Furthermore we have announced critical updates on Twitter, Facebook or via Blog.

However, it was not a really good and thought-out process to notify you about theme updates and it is time to change that.

Our themes are usually very lean and do not come with thousands of features which had the result that there were not many updates in the past. In addition we have never had a security issue or large bug to fix in our history. Nevertheless updates are very important and you should never miss any theme update.

The update news website was a long planned project and it feels like it was for decades on our ToDo list. Therefore I am very very glad that we have finally managed to launch the website.

You can find the new ThemeZee Update News website on

If you are using one of our PRO themes, we highly recommend to subscribe to this website immediately in order to get informed about every new theme update per Email.