Redesign of Anderson

We usually try to avoid any significant changes in the design of our themes, because it is not ideal for the existing user base. However, Anderson was not as popular as we wished and our theme with the fewest downloads. It could not cover the cost of development and it was increasingly hard to justify further development and updating the theme.

Reasons for the Redesign

We had to decide if we retire the theme or improve it to attract a larger number of customers. Our decision was to do the latter. I know that not all of our current users of Anderson will be happy with the new design, but the alternative would have been to stop working on Anderson altogether.

You provided a lot of feedback and we hope that we were able to identify the unpopular design choices of Anderson. Thank you so much for giving us your insight.

Redesigned Elements

We took your advice and changed these design elements:

  • We removed the highly unwanted thumbnail navigation of the post slideshow
  • We changed the default mint green color to a dark red, which seemed to be favorited by you
  • We removed the grayscale images which led to a colorless and pale appearance of your website
  • We tweaked the styling of the navigation menu and the Category Post Widgets

Meet the new Anderson

Theme Info | Theme Demo

We really hopy you like the new design. Let me know in the comment section!