Updates for Gutenberg

In the many updates of the last days we have prepared all our themes and plugins for the upcoming Gutenberg editor. All our products are now 100% compatible with Gutenberg. Here is a short overview of the exact changes.

What is Gutenberg?

Gutenberg is the name of the new editor that will be released with WordPress 5.0. WordPress 5.0 is currently planned for the end of November, but I personally think January is more likely because the editor is not yet completely finished and mature.

A preview of the new editor can be found at wordpress.org/gutenberg/

Styling for Blocks

In addition to standard content such as paragraphs, headings, lists, quotations and images, Gutenberg also introduces some blocks for content that was previously not available with the current editor. Among others, there are blocks for cover images, pull quotes and separators.

Gutenberg Cover Image Block

A large part of the theme updates was therefore to add styling for the new blocks and to ensure that these are displayed flawlessly in the theme. We also improved the styling for existing content blocks for Gutenberg.

Editor Styling

In addition, the updates also include styling for the editor itself, so that your content looks as much like what you see later in the theme. This includes adjusting the width, font, font size and colors of the editor to match the theme. In addition, the styling of the post title and the individual blocks was designed accordingly.

Gutenberg Editor Styling

Color Palette in the theme

With Gutenberg, users can define colors for text paragraphs and certain content blocks for the first time. For this feature, an individual color palette is registered for each theme, matching the colors of the theme.

Donovan Color Palette

Custom Color Palette

If you want to define a completely new color palette for Gutenberg, we have a new plugin, Custom Color Palette, which allows you to easily change the default color palette of the new Gutenberg editor in the customizer.

Pro Add-ons

The updates for Gutenberg mainly concern our themes, but all Pro add-ons have also been updated. The Customizer options for colors and typography have been adjusted for Gutenberg. If you now change the primary color or font, this change will also be reflected in the Gutenberg editor and the editor’s styling will be adjusted accordingly.