Magazine Blocks Update: Selecting multiple categories

A frequently requested feature for our Magazine blocks was the ability to select posts from several categories. With the new version 1.1 the category select field is now replaced by a multi-checkbox option for categories. If no category is explicitly selected, the latest posts of all categories are displayed.

The function had been on my todo list for quite some time, but was not scheduled for a few months. The impulse for the current update was this tweet from Jessica Lyschik, WordPress developer from Cologne, who was looking for a solution to the same problem. She kindly provided her code for us afterwards. Thanks for sharing, Jessica! By the way, her Gutenberg Fibel (only in German) is absolutely worth a visit and offers a lot of information about the new WordPress Block Editor.

Select multiple categories

The new option can be found in the post settings in the Block Sidebar, for each Magazine block. You can download the update at

Magazine Blocks Multiple Categories

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