Magazine Blocks for the WordPress Gutenberg Editor

After four months of development I can proudly announce the launch of our new Magazine Blocks today. In the future, the magazine features in our themes will be largely covered by the new blocks and will replace the previous magazine widgets.

Magazine Blocks Banner

ThemeZee Magazine Blocks Plugin

Instead of the Magazine widgets bundled with each theme, the Magazine Blocks are now available in a central plugin. This step was necessary because blocks are inserted directly into pages and content should never be lost when the theme is changed.

The plugin is free and is now available for download in the plugin directory.

Block Features

The new Magazine Blocks support much more features than the old Magazine widgets. Many of your suggestions and user feedback have been incorporated. Thanks for that!

Now you can filter posts by category, tags and authors. Also new is the possibility to skip posts to avoid the double display of posts.

Magazine Grid

In addition, the display of post details such as date, author or comments can now be set individually for each magazine block, as can the length of the text excerpt and the text of the Read More link.

What happens to the Magazin Widgets?

The traditional Magazine widgets will continue to work as usual. Magazine blocks and widgets can also be used in parallel without any problems.

Currently the blocks can only be inserted in the Block Editor. WordPress Core will replace widgets with blocks in the near future and thus enable blocks also in widget areas. Then the new magazine blocks can be used in the widget area Magazine Homepage.

I assume that there might be a migration path for old widgets to the new blocks. Therefore, we may be able to automatically upgrade the magazine widgets to the new blocks at some point. We will see how WordPress Core will handle that.

Compatible Themes

The blocks work with any WordPress theme. However, we have updated all our newer themes to add extra styling for the new magazine blocks, especially in the editor in the backend.

The magazine blocks will therefore look best with these themes:

  • Admiral
  • Beetle
  • Chronus
  • Donovan
  • Gambit
  • Gridbox
  • Maxwell
  • Mercia
  • Napoli
  • Palm Beach
  • Poseidon
  • Tortuga
  • Treville
  • Wellington
  • WorldStar
  • zeeDynamic

Using Magazine Blocks

All information about the plugin and all magazine blocks can be found here:

Plugin Page:
Plugin Download:

For feedback and suggestions for improvement I’m very happy about every e-mail 🙂