Price changes for new customers

After a very long time – the last change was in 2016 – we are making some changes to our pricing model. The new prices are only valid for new customers. Existing customers with existing licenses are not affected and can continue to renew and use the old club memberships and bundles.

In this article I would like to briefly introduce the changes.

Switch to subscriptions

Like so many in the WordPress industry, we are switching to classic subscriptions for new customers with an automatic, annual renewal of the license key. This means we no longer have to ask customers to manually renew their license each year, and we hope to see a higher rate of renewals. There will be an annual fee and we will no longer provide a discount for license renewals.

This change only applies to new customers. For existing customers, we honor the old prices and the 30% discount for manual license renewals. There will be no change to a subscription, not even for license renewals. Everything remains the same.

New lower-priced plan for single websites

Our introductory price was previously valid for 3 websites / domains. Here very often the wish came up to pay less, because only 1 website is needed. We would like to meet this request and have introduced a new and fourth entry-level plan, which at 49€ is now slightly cheaper than the previous price of 59€.

Price increases for frequent users and the lifetime plan

For our users with a lot of websites, on the other hand, we are increasing the prices to make the support effort and also the value of our products reasonable. Especially our volume prices were very reasonable and often amounted to only a few euros / website / year for many domains.

We also increased the price for the lifetime plan significantly. Here was even the consideration to abolish it completely. Offering unlimited support for a one-time fee is not very sustainable and must be priced high enough to be worthwhile. In the end, however, we decided to increase rather than eliminate it, because we know that many customers don’t want subscriptions at all and prefer a one-time payment.

The new prices are effective immediately.