ThemeZee takes over GermanThemes

Over three years ago I started a second theme shop named GermanThemes. GermanThemes launched around the same time as WordPress 5.0 and was all about the new Gutenberg block editor, with its own block library and full focus on business themes.

The decision for the spin-off had mainly the following reasons:

  • Different target audience (Business instead of Magazine Themes).
  • Different business model (Premium instead of a freemium model with add-ons)
  • New, unknown technology (Gutenberg Blocks)

All of these things were too disruptive and inappropriate for ThemeZee at the time, hence the startup.

However, after minor initial successes, I have to honestly admit that GermanThemes did not succeed economically and could not establish itself in the market. And after more than three years, it’s time to pull the plug. For this reason, I am merging both my theme shops under the umbrella of ThemeZee, instead of running two stores side by side with a lot of effort.

What does that mean?

ThemeZee will also offer business themes in the future and will no longer be limited to magazine themes. I will probably pick up almost all the designs of GermanThemes and publish them as new block themes for Full Site Editing.

With the release of WordPress 6.0, Full Site Editing is finally viable enough to offer really functional and beautiful block themes. And that’s exactly what’s planned for the rest of the year.

Block themes, block themes, block themes. Stay tuned!