Meet our new business themes

Very recently I merged my two theme shops and ThemeZee officially took over GermanThemes. With this adoption, ThemeZee will now also offer WordPress themes for business websites. For the launch I can present three new themes today.

All three themes are originally based on designs from GermanThemes, but were completely developed from scratch as so called Block Themes. Block Themes use the new Full Site Editor and implement the whole website including header, sidebar and footer using blocks.

WordPress Block Themes for business sites

All themes are 100% free and available in the WordPress theme directory.

Driven Screenshot


Driven is a next generation block theme built for the new WordPress Full-Site-Editing experience. It comes with a clean and modern design and is packed with a huge range of block patterns.


Lawson is a stunning and elegant theme made for the new WordPress Full Site Editor. The theme is completely built with blocks, comes with great typography and multiple style variants.

Lawson Theme Screenshot

Ambitio Theme Screenshot


Ambitio is a clean and lightweight block theme with modern colors and typography. The theme supports a huge range of block patterns as well as global style variants.

I hope you like my latest creations. Currently I’m still gathering experience with block themes and appreciate any feedback about the new Full Site Editing experience.

What’s coming next?

At the moment I am working on our first block theme for magazine websites. The theme will pick up the very popular design of Smartline, which we will be discontinuing completely with a number of other themes at the end of the year due to age. Stay tuned!