Introducing Premium Blocks

Today I’m very happy to announce our newest range of products: Premium Blocks for the WordPress Block Editor. For the beginning of this new chapter, we offer four different Icon blocks. You can find them on Of course we have already planned new blocks to come.

Why blocks?

Blocks are literally the new building blocks for everything. With the new Site Editor, the whole theme is created with blocks. They are now the single most important piece of your WordPress website. You can check out our new block-based Full-Site-Editing themes on

We always stick to Core blocks to build our block themes and continue to do so, because they have come a long way and cover well the basics. But there are still blocks missing for special use cases or things like displaying icons for example. This is where we come in.

Our blocks do not strive to replace Core blocks, but to complement them in a meaningful way.

Available Blocks

The first thing we did was to look at the topic of icons. We developed four different blocks to offer you a whole set of possibilities to display icons in the WordPress Block Editor:

All Icon blocks include the most popular icon sets to let you choose from thousands of available icons.

Icon Block Library

How to get them

Our WordPress blocks are available to all active purchasers of our Plus, Infinite and Lifetime subscriptions and can be downloaded at any time in your account.