End of our legacy pricing plans

Last year we have made some changes to our pricing model and switched to subscriptions for new customers. As of today, we are extending this subscription-based pricing model to all customers and eliminating all of our old pricing plans. In addition, we are abolishing the Lifetime Plan.

What does that mean?

If you are a customer of our old plans with manual license renewal, you will not be able to renew your existing license anymore. Instead, a new license key must be purchased by subscription.

This applies to customers of the Standard Bundle, Premium Bundle, Extended Bundle, Standard Club, Unlimited Club and Extended Club. You can not buy or renew these plans anymore.

We are thus consolidating the wide range of different prices into a uniform model.

Why is that necessary?

The uncomfortable truth is that our pricing was not well thought out or sustainable. Of course, this is entirely our fault, but it still needs to be corrected. We’ll bring last year’s changes all the way to the end.

With our Lifetime licenses and the 30% discounts on license renewals, we earned the most on the first purchase. Furthermore the renewal rate with manual renewals was simply too low.

All this has led to the result that much of our revenue has always come from new customers. Since new customer acquisition dropped sharply this year, we are simply not generating enough revenue anymore to survive in the long term. There is no alternative but to take countermeasures.

What about Lifetime licenses?

We honor the previous customers of our Lifetime licenses, which means that we continue to offer updates and support without follow-up costs. However, we will stop selling Lifetime licenses to new customers.

If you are a long-time customer and heavy user of our themes and are totally satisfied with our work, consider supporting us additionally with a new subscription or a recommendation to all your friends.

Price increase as of January 1

As of the first of January 2023, we will also increase the prices of all plans:

  • Single – from 49€ to 59€ per year
  • Plus – from 69€ to 79€ per year
  • Infinite – from 79€ to 99€ per year

So if you take out a new subscription this year, you can save a little.