Download failed. Unauthorized.

This short tutorial explains the solution to one of the most occuring issue by plugin updates.

Plugin Update failed
An error occurred while updating Poseidon Pro: Download failed. Unauthorized



The error notice means your website could not authentificate on our servers to download the files of the new plugin version.

There are usually three different reasons causing this error message:

  1. The license key was not activated for the website. Please go to Appearance -> Pro Version and enter your license key in order to get automatic updates.
  2. Your license has expired. You have to renew your license to continue getting updates.
  3. You have moved your website to a different domain or production site. Please go to Appearance -> Pro Version and deactivate and re-activate your license key. That will add the new domain of your website to our servers and the update should work fine then.

You can manage your license keys and active sites in your account page.

If you have still problems with updating your plugins, please contact and we will take care of it.