Magazine Homepage

Most of our themes include an extra Magazine Homepage template which allows you to create a magazine-styled layout with ease. The instructions of this tutorial explain how you can set up your Magazine Homepage step by step:

Create a new static page

Go to Pages Add New to create a new static page, or edit an existing page. Change the page template of your selected page to the Magazine Homepage template from the Page Attributes box.


Set Magazine Homepage Template as Front Page

If you want to use the Magazine Homepage template as your front page, go to Settings Reading and set “Front page displays” to “A static page”. From the dropdown menu, select the Magazine page you created earlier. You can learn more about setting up a front page here.


Add Magazine Posts Widgets

After you created your Magazine Homepage, go to Appearance Widgets and set up your Magazine Homepage widget area.

Our themes support various Magazine Posts widgets geared to creating a magazine-style site, but you can also add any other widget you like.

Please note that there are different Magazine Posts widgets available, depending on the theme you are using.



Set Featured Images

The Magazine Posts widgets make use of your posts featured images as thumbnails. Therefore your Magazine Homepage will look as intended when your posts have featured images.

If your existing posts have already had featured images, they may look disformed because they do not match the new required sizes for the front page template. In order to fix that you have to regenerate your thumbnails.

Configure Featured Post Slider

The main part of the Magazine Homepage template is the widget area. Based on the theme you are using the template may support a featured post slider as well.

If your theme supports a slider, you can learn how to configure it on the Featured Post Slider tutorial.