Momentous Documentation

Welcome to the Momentous theme documentation. These instructions briefly explain how to setup and configure all theme features.

Table of Contents

Theme Installation

Since it is the same procedure for every theme, this tutorial does not explain how to install the theme. If you need help with the theme installation, please see the Install WordPress themes tutorial.

Install PRO Version Plugin

Please be aware that the PRO Version of Momentous is an Add-on plugin for the Momentous theme. Therefore you have to install and activate the Momentous Lite theme and install the Momentous Pro plugin in addition. You can learn how to install Plugins on the Install WordPress plugins tutorial.

In case you are using the old Momentous Pro theme and want to switch to the new Pro Version Plugin, please follow this tutorial.

Configure Theme Options

Momentous supports the awesome Theme Customizer. You can configure all theme settings on your WordPress admin panel → Appearance → Customize on the “Theme Options” section.

Momentous adds a “Theme Options” section to the Customizer containing following sub sections:

  • General Settings
    Choose the sidebar layout and turn off the image grayscale filter.
  • Header Content
    Upload your own logo image, turn on social icons on navigation bar and activate dropdown search bar in header area.
  • Post Settings
    Decide between full posts and post summary and configure featured images of posts.
  • Featured Content
    Set a tag to feature your posts. Featured posts are displayed on the post slider.
  • Theme Colors (only in PRO version)
    This section let you choose the font and background colors of various theme elements.
  • Theme Fonts (only in PRO version)
    Change the text, navigation and title fonts easily in this section.


Social Icons

Social icons are easy to add with Momentous. We simply use custom menus for social icons.



Set up WordPress Features

The theme supports several WordPress core features you know:

If you’d like to display the featured content area on your homepage like the demo website, follow these instructions.


To set up your featured posts, go to Appearance → Customize, and add a tag under Tag Name in the Featured Content section.

Afterwards Momentous will display the 3 latest posts which are tagged with that keyword in the featured content area at the top of your home page. The first post is highlighted in the left column followed by the other two posts in the right column.


Featured Images

The Featured Content layout as well as normal posts make use of featured images as thumbnails The slideshow and also normal posts will look as intended when your posts have featured images.

If your existing posts have already had featured images, they may look disformed because they do not match the new required sizes for the front page template. In order to fix that you have to regenerate your thumbnails.

Your uploaded featured images should have a minimum image size of 900×300 pixels in order to look good at any screen size.

Setup and Configure Pro Version Features

The Pro Version of Momentous is an add-on plugin which you can purchase on the Momentous theme page.

Install PRO Version Plugin

You can download Momentous Pro on our downloads page. If you need help to install the plugin please visit our Install WordPress plugins tutorial.

Custom Colors and Custom Fonts

You can customize the theme colors and fonts on Appearance → Customize → Theme Options → Theme Colors / Theme Fonts.

Footer Widgets

Momentous Pro adds four widgetized footer areas. You can add your footer widgets on Appearance → Widgets.

Hide Credit Link

You can disable the credit link to on Appearance → Customize → Theme Options → General Settings.

Theme Specifications

  1. The main content column width is 860.
  2. The Featured Images used on normal posts and the Featured Content Area are 900x300.
  3. The Custom Header image will display at a maximum width of 1300 and a flexible height (default height = 240).

All measurements in pixels.


Thank you so much for using the Momentous WordPress theme.