Custom Menus

Our themes display all static pages in the theme navigation by default. If you want an individual navigation you can use the Custom Menu WordPress feature described below.

You can also check out the Menu User Guide on for a more detailed explanation about WordPress menus.

Create a menu

You can find the Custom Menu feature on your WordPress admin panel Appearance Menus.

You can select a menu to edit it or create a new menu at the top of the Menus screen. If you create a new menu please enter your menu name and click on ‘Create Menu‘.


Add items to your menu

After you have created your menu you can add items to it on the left side of the Menus screen. By default you can add static pages, custom links and categories to your menu. You can use ‘Screen Options‘ to allow more item types to be chosen from.


Nesting menu items

You can nest your menu items via drag&drop. Nested items are shown as dropdown navigation in the theme. Our themes usually support dropdown menus up to 3 levels deep.


Set menu location

Themes can have different spots to display menus, for example locations for a top, main and footer navigation. After you have created your menu you can add it to a certain theme location where it should appear. Therefore please choose the ‘Manage Locations‘ tab at the top of your Menus screen.


Custom Menus video tutorial

In case you have a account, you can also watch our Custom Menus video tutorial.