Poseidon Documentation

Welcome to the Poseidon theme documentation. These instructions briefly explain how to setup and configure all theme features.

Table of Contents

Theme Installation

Since it is the same procedure for every theme, this tutorial does not explain how to install the theme. If you need help with the theme installation, please see the Install WordPress themes tutorial.

Install PRO Version Plugin

Please be aware that the PRO Version of Poseidon is an Add-on plugin for the Poseidon theme. Therefore you have to install and activate the Poseidon theme and install the Poseidon Pro plugin in addition. You can learn how to install Plugins on the Install WordPress plugins tutorial.

Configure Theme Options

Poseidon supports the awesome Theme Customizer. You can configure all theme settings on your WordPress admin panel → Appearance → Customize on the “Theme Options” section.

The “Theme Options” section in the Customizer includes following sub sections:

  • General Settings
    Choose the sidebar and post layouts.
  • Header Settings (only with PRO version)
    Configure the spacing of the logo and navigation menu.
  • Post Settings
    Choose between full posts and post excerpts. Deactivate date, author and other post meta information.
  • Post Slideshow
    Activate and configure the Post Slideshow.
  • Theme Colors (only with PRO version)
    This section let you choose the font and background colors of various theme elements.
  • Theme Fonts (only with PRO version)
    Change the text, navigation and title fonts easily in this section.
  • Footer Settings (only with PRO version)
    Add your own footer text and remove the copyright link of ThemeZee


Set up WordPress Features

The theme supports several WordPress core features you know:

Post Slider

To set up your post slider, go to Appearance → Customize → Theme Options → Post Slider.

Please see our Post Slider Tutorial if you need more help for the Slider setup.

Magazine Homepage

You can use the Magazine Widgets to create a magazine-styled homepage in the Customizer. Therefore go to Appearance → Customize → Widgets → Magazine Homepage.

Please see our Magazine Widgets Tutorial for detailed instructions about the Magazine features.

Setup and Configure Pro Version Features

The Pro Version of Poseidon is an add-on plugin which you can purchase on the Poseidon Pro page.

Install PRO Version Plugin

You can download Poseidon Pro on our downloads page. If you need help to install the plugin please visit our Install WordPress plugins tutorial.

Custom Colors and Custom Fonts

You can customize the theme colors and fonts on Appearance → Customize → Theme Options → Theme Colors / Theme Fonts.

Footer Widgets

Poseidon Pro adds four widgetized footer areas. You can add your footer widgets on Appearance → Widgets.

Hide Credit Link

You can disable the credit link to themezee.com on Appearance → Customize → Theme Options → Footer Settings.

Theme Specifications

  1. The main content column width is 840.
  2. The Featured Images displayed in the header on single posts and static pages are 1920x480.
  3. The Featured Images used on the Post Slideshow are 1920x480.
  4. The Featured Images used on post archives are 840x560 or 360x240 based on the chosen post layout.
  5. The Featured Images on the Magazine Posts Widgets are 600x400 (large), 360x240 (medium) and 120x80 (small).
  6. The Custom Header image will display at a maximum width of 1920 and a flexible height (default height = 480).

All measurements in pixels.


Thank you so much for using the Poseidon WordPress theme.